He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not – My Relationship with Brett Favre by Melinda (ilovemypackers)

First off, the title, in my heart and mind, I did have a relationship with Brett Favre and the rest of the Green Bay Packers.  I think any die-hard Packer fan probably feels the same way.  Other fans of other teams in the NFL probably have a difficult time understanding that statement, but for Packer fans, it rings true.

In the mid 90’s it was so easy to fall in love with the team and watch them play for the “love of the game”, not just Brett, but all the players.  Antonio Freeman, Donald Driver, Bubba Franks, Ahman Green, Frank Winters (Frankie Bag O Donuts), Mark Chamura, Reggie White.. and I could go on.  Each member of the team through 2007 had earned a very special place in my heart.  Watching them play football was exhilarating and gave me great joy. 

As the leader of the team, I loved every moment watching Brett with his intensity, determination, and still being able to have fun on the field as well as the sidelines.  I was there when he struggled with drug addiction.  I was there when he had marital problems. I remember the birth of his second child.  My heart hurt for his family when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I cried when his father died of a massive heart attack while driving his pickup.  I watched in amazement as he took the field to play against Oakland the night after his father’s death and watched as he scored miraculous touchdown after touchdown. Knowing that his dad was right there with him.  All of the emotion he and the team went through during those years, we Packer fans felt right along with them.   

When rumors of Brett retiring started in 2003, I held my breath.  Waiting for the season to start to see if he would return.  He did. In 2005, retirement rumors surfaced again, and yet he stayed. In January 2006, he stated to the media, he probably wouldn’t be back.  At this point, I started to believe it. The previous few seasons were a disappointment, we were rebuilding and nothing seemed to click.  Maybe it was time. But one thing was for sure I (we) still loved him and respected him.  In early March of 2006, he tearful announced his retirement.  It was a sad day for us all.  We knew this day would come.  He was our hero and he was leaving.  But I (we) loved him still.

Then it starts to get weird.  At the end of March  rumors are swirling once again that he’s coming back to Green Bay (?)…wait, didn’t he just retire?  I thought he said he would never play football again.  Did I hear that wrong?  Rewind, play….yep, that’s what he said.

Then he asked to be release by the Packers.. trade talks are shut down by HQ,  he’s retired, there’s no trade.  Marketing teams scrambled to put together a $25MM deal for Favre to remain part of the organization, but he didn’t like that idea.  He requested reinstatement, got it, and a trade to the AFC Jets was secured.  Now, at this point the fans are a little disgusted with the whole idea..all the back and forth.. just what in the hell is happening here? Why not just come clean and tell us what you plan to do? After 17 years, don’t we deserve the respect of just telling us the truth?  Why all the hem hawing around? Just TELL us!

My feelings (bear with me here) about Brett going to another team can be likened to my long-time boyfriend, who I agreed to break up with amicably,  started dating someone else.  Not as pretty as me,  with no personality, and no endearing features.  Good luck with that. Wish you well, really.

But alas, that relationship didn’t last long at all.  So, in February 2009, he breaks up with is new girlfriend, the Jets.  Again he announces that he is retiring. He’s finished with football.  Okay, give the man some privacy, let him settle on the farm in Hattiesburg, go fishing and hunting and do commercials for Wrangler, Sensodyne and Prilosec and enjoy your life.  Good luck old friend, we wish you well. We’ll party at Lambeau when we retire your jersey.  See you in the Hall of Fame in 5 years.  Hugs and Kisses, keep in touch if you can!

Then, all this talk about Brett talking to the stinking Minnesota Vikings.  (Excuse me while I spout off some French here) Are you fucking kidding me??  At this point, in my head, it was like I just found out that my old boyfriend was going behind my back and secretly dating my cousin, whom I have hated all my life.  She’s (the Vikings) a bitch and I hate her, she’s evil and ruthless and a liar and just a really poor excuse for a person.   It was a dagger in the heart, topped off with a slap across my face.  I am SO done with him. I never want to hear his name again. I hope he falls flat on his face. Why would any Packer fan hope that he has success at the Vikings is way beyond my comprehension.  Do they understand that the Vikings are our arch rivals right now?  The Vikings goal is to try to prevent us from reaching the Super Bowl again, remember?

I know that sounds harsh and maybe a little mental.  Believe me when I say, I have often said jokingly, that I needed therapy to get over this.  Luckily for me, I was able to get over it fairly soon (by the Super Bowl).  I could watch a game, but instead of cheering Favre, I was rooting for ANY team that played against the Vikings.  I was very disappointed when Vikes actually pulled out a winning season, but I took great joy in all of their losses. (This is actually nothing new, I always root against them unless they suck so bad they have no chance to make the playoffs).   But the cherry on top was watching the NFC Championship game and watching Brett throw that ever too familiar season ending interception.  I think I actually did a 36inch vertical jump for joy! (A personal best).   I honestly don’t think I could have been happier in that moment. 

So, here I am, in all my Green Bay Packer fan glory. Admitting my somewhat mental illness to anyone who happens to stumble upon this blog.  The only thing I can add is the start of the 2010 season, where the Packers are undefeated and Vikings are winless has me in the most amazingly serene and happiest of moods.  GoPackGO

Note: To anyone who insists “it’s just a business” You obviously have no clue what it means to be a Packer fan.  Being a Packer is not a business, it’s a way of life!


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