Melinda: For all the Viking Fans


8 responses to “Melinda: For all the Viking Fans

  1. Lisa commenting: Hey – you remember that I offered to re-write this for you, right? I really think “All hail to the Puke Green and Gold” would sound a lot better. Seriously – this is just rude.

  2. I just think all recordings, records, tapes, cd’s whatever should be destroyed so this can never be heard ever again!

  3. Melinda commenting: I have to say this is the BEST thing that came out of the 2009 season! Rock on Prince with your purple self!

  4. Lisa commenting: The best thing that came out of the 2009 season was when the Packers lost in OT after their defense completely collapsed against the Cardinals… ending with the fumble by your precious QB and his subsequent drop kick into the arms of an on-coming linebacker… who took it to the house. A Favre-less Packer team 0-1 in the play-offs. That IS what I like.

  5. Melinda commenting: That was not nearly as precious as Favre throwing an interception in overtime against the Saints in the NFC Championship game for all the marbles, then collapsing on his knees in utter humilation. Oh, so close, yet so far.

    • Lisa commenting: Of course, the INT wasn’t in OT – it was after Chilly had the 12 men on the field penalty taking us out of field goal range. Grrrrrlllll…. if you’re going to trash-talk me, you need to get your facts straight!

  6. That’s the best retort ya got … after the sneerfest you’ve been puttin on…. seriously? Packer Nation always knew Evil Brett would show up prior to the SuperBowl … It was a good run, but he threw it all away – just like 2003 and 2007 … just like 2001 and at Lambeau in 2002 …. it’s his legacy of the 2000’s …. without Holmgren – he’s not a SuperBowl Quarterback … he’s good at throwin’ AWAY superbowls … not winning them. One wonders if he doesn’t have a gambling habit …..

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