NFL Week 3: Melinda’s Picks

  • Titans vs Giants: Two words; Chris Johnson. Titans 28-10.
  • Bengals vs Panthers: I’m loving Batman and Robin, even bought some Ochocinco O’s. I pick the Bengals 21-7, Bengals.
  • Steelers vs Buccaneers: I’m going with Pittsburgh and the $1MM hair-do. Steelers, 28-21.
  • Bills vs Patriots: I have no love for either team, but the Bills really couldn’t look any worse. Patriots should win easily 35-7.
  • Browns vs Ravens: I’m huge fan of good defense, Ray Lewis and team get my vote Ravens 21-10.
  • 49ers vs Chiefs: Alex Smith had a great game last week, but I’m feeling Kansas City at home (they also have great fans!) Chiefs 24-14.
  • Texans vs Cowboys: I live in Texas and still can’t stomach the Boys, Texans are heating things up down here. Houston 21-9.
  • Lions vs Vikings: This is an easy pick for me I go with my heart, not my head when it comes to the Vikings. Lions will get the “Best” of the Vikes 31-10
  • Falcons vs Saints: The Saints at 2-0 aren’t looking much like the SB Champs and with Reggie out, I’m going for Atlanta. Falcons win, 26-21.
  • Redskins vs Rams: Redskins defense is struggling, and I have a soft spot in my heart for the Rams but, I don’t think they can pull it out. Redskins, 28-24.
  • Eagles vs Jaguars: Good news for the Eagles, their coach finally grew a pair. Vick’s athleticism will make it an easy win. Eagles 38-7.
  • Colts vs Broncos: The shocking death of Kenny McKinley will only fuel the fire in the Broncos. Denver wins in tribute. 24-17.
  • Raiders vs Cardinals: If it weren’t for Fitzgerald, there’d be no one to talk about Cardinals win, 14-7.
  • Chargers vs Seahawks: I like the Chargers in this West Coast match up 26-17.
  • Jets vs Dolphins: I think Sanchez is progressing. The Jets will get the W. 21-10.


  • Bears vs Packers: Once Green Bay gets going, they fire on all cylinders; I just hope it doesn’t take until the second half. Clay Matthews has his sights set on Cutler, could the NFC Defensive Player of the week get his third consecutive 3 sack game? (#YOTTO) I like, no LOVE the Packers 28-14

Those are my picks this week. Feel free to comment.


2 responses to “NFL Week 3: Melinda’s Picks

  1. Lisa commenting: Dude, you’re higher than a kite. You’re picking the Chiefs over the 49ers after MNF? You know they’re still the Chiefs, right? And the Lions over the Vikings because of Jahvid Best? You are aware that we have the same front 4 as last year, right? And that we were #2 against the run? I can’t even comment about your Bears/Packers prediction. Your “nice” little team will be on home turf and Cutler’s got the #1 QB rating and has been keeping his head about him. Plus they have Chet Taylor, to my dismay. Mmmmm. We’ll see about this!

  2. Melinda commenting: Have you ever seen the Chiefs play at home? Don’t you know SF hasn’t won a game there since 1982? KC is also one of the elite 2-0 teams going into week 3; not that you’d know anything about that 0-2 (ooops).
    The Lions won’t need much help if the Vikes continue their “turn the ball over” M.O. And why you bother to comment on the Packers, I don’t get. You know how much I love Rodgers and Barnett and Finley and Matthews and Driver and Jennings and do you want me to go on? : )

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